Homemade Strawberry Liqueur Two Ways Strawberry Liqueur made with fresh Strawberries and vodka, make it with a simple syrup or a creamy mixture.  Take your pick both are the best ways to bring in or take out the Strawberry Season this year! Strawberry Liqueur Italian are big on making HomemadeRead More →

Bruschetta Cheese Spread Memorial Day is quickly approaching which to me is the start of the summer entertaining season. One of my favorite summer appetizers is a plate of simple tomato bruschetta. What can be more natural than thin slices of crusty Italian bread grilled, brushed with good quality oliveRead More →

Alghe contro l’effetto-serra Le alghe aggiunte alla dieta dei bovini riducono del 99% le emissioni di metano.  Un’alga rossa australiana capace di ridurre significativamente le emissioni di metano dalle vacche. All’orizzonte la soluzione al problema legato alla produzione del gas capace di aumentare drasticamente l’effetto serra contribuendo a surriscaldare laRead More →

Responsabilità del distributore, approfondimenti Il regolamento UE 1169/11, c.d. Food Information Regulation, ha finalmente chiarito il regime delle responsabilità che incombono sul distributore. Per quanto attiene all’informazione al consumatore sui prodotti alimentari, oltreché alla sicurezza alimentare più generalmente intesa. Alcuni approfondimenti a seguire. Le garanzie di salute pubblica e tutela dell’economia trovano oggi ulteriore sostegno in un gruppo diRead More →

Lactose Intolerant in Rome – Travel Tips Picture yourself walking through the charming Trastevere neighborhood in Rome.  You stroll through the cobblestone streets past piazzas with flowing fountains and hear Italian ladies singing from their windows above as they hang laundry on the line to dry. Most importantly however, thereRead More →

Shredded Brussel Sprout Salad Shredded Brussel Sprout Salad, a fast and easy veggie salad with crispy bacon, parmesan cheese and a creamy delicious dressing.  This tasty salad is the  perfect side dish for any meal especially a Summer BBQ. Brussel Sprout Salad with Bacon I was never a great loverRead More →

Tomato, Cucumber, & Chickpea Salad I am slowly settling into our new house in a new area with work still going on around the house on a daily basis. We are still waiting for our driveway to be poured and the landscaping cannot be started until the driveway, and finalRead More →