Homemade Strawberry Liqueur Two Ways Strawberry Liqueur made with fresh Strawberries and vodka, make it with a simple syrup or a creamy mixture.  Take your pick both are the best ways to bring in or take out the Strawberry Season this year! Strawberry Liqueur Italian are big on making HomemadeRead More →

Shredded Brussel Sprout Salad Shredded Brussel Sprout Salad, a fast and easy veggie salad with crispy bacon, parmesan cheese and a creamy delicious dressing.  This tasty salad is the  perfect side dish for any meal especially a Summer BBQ. Brussel Sprout Salad with Bacon I was never a great loverRead More →

Abbracci Italian Hugs Cookies Abbracci Italian Hugs Cookies are made with a buttery crunchy vanilla and chocolate cookie, that wrap around each other in a hug.  Therefore Abbracci or Hugs.  Fun to make and even better to eat. Italian Hug Cookies When I first came to Italy I was obsessedRead More →

Easy Stuffed Fresh Mozzarella Caprese Easy Stuffed Fresh Mozzarella Caprese, the Italian dish that screams Summer.  Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and herbs make this the perfect side dish, appetizer or even main course.  You are going to love it. Stuffed Mozzarella Yes you read that right!  And I know what youRead More →

Arugula Pesto Arugula Pesto, just a few ingredients including fresh arugula, parmesan cheese and a little pecorino makes this pesto a delicious alternative from the Classic Basil Pesto.  Try it and see! Arugula Pesto If anyone knows me they know I adore Arugula.  I love the stuff.  In salads, onRead More →

Prosecco Raspberry Slushie A refreshing Slushie that is so easy to make. Using just a blender and a few ingredients, including fresh raspberries and your favourite Prosecco or sparking wine.  The perfect hot weather or even special occasion drink. Prosecco Raspberry Slushie I can remember way back when, when myRead More →

Ossobuco alla milanese Un piatto caratterizzato da un taglio di carne estremamente succulento grazie alla presenza del midollo e alla lunga cottura!   Ossobuco alla milanese Un secondo piatto che può essere affiancato anche al risotto allo zafferano. PiattoSecondo piatto CucinaLombardia Porzioni4 persone Tempo di preparazione105 minuti Ingredienti 4 ossibuchiRead More →