Notifying Ops Team of Media Opportunities This ranking system will provide appropriate guidance to the ops team when entertaining journalists on tours. Using a range of key performance indicators, the PR team will communicate media opportunities in advance to best prepare operations.  The PR Team Will: Notify the ops teamRead More →

How to Visit Rome with Kids Traveling around Rome with a group of fit adults can be hard. Adding kids into the mix requires some planning. It is absolutely possible to see the Colosseum and Vatican with kids, you just need to know the right information before planning to doRead More →

What is Ferragosto? If you visit Italy around August 15, you might notice that many shops are closed. Why is this? It’s Ferragosto. This ancient holiday celebrates the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and, for many, marks the start of summer vacations. Read our guide to find out more aboutRead More →

How Did the Colosseum Break? Whether or not you’ve already been to Rome, you may have noticed from pictures that some parts of this ancient structure are missing. Unfortunately, that’s correct. The monument lost its original shape centuries ago. Despite this sad event though, the Colosseum managed to preserve itsRead More →