Influences of Christianity in the Roman Empire The Roman Empire’s relationship with Christianity famously began at Christianity’s inception. In the Bible, Jesus Christ was born during a Roman census and later put to death by Pontius Pilate. For the next three centuries, Christians were sporadically persecuted and often driven underground,Read More →

What to Bring on a Rome Tour Getting into these tours used to be pretty easy, but recent terror attacks across European cities means security has been significantly heightened at major tourist attractions. Not only is this a pain for the queues, but it also dictates what you can bringRead More →

How to See the Rome Catacombs at Night The Rome Catacombs have become quite a popular destination for travelers visiting Rome. Though a little eerie, these underground burial chambers provide an excellent opportunity to venture outside of the city and see something a little different. However, what if you couldRead More →