Today we want to report a New Name in the Panorama of Italian Pastry, which from the Tuscany Region, more precisely Scandicci, proposes itself with skill and flair to the creation of splendid dishes. Her name is Irene Filograsso. You can view her exclusive creations and recipes here. Enjoy!Read More →

Quinoa Veggie Burgers #meatless +9M My kids love hamburgers: juicy, meaty, loaded with flavors. I like the homemade version, where I can be sure of the origin of all the ingredients, meat mainly, but I also love to offer the kids meatless options to alternate. The quinoa veggie burgers areRead More →

Sweet Potato Pear Puree +6M A lovely and popular first food for little ones: sweet potatoes! Today combined in a simple and nutritious way with pears and hemp seeds. The final creamy texture and the delicately sweet flavor are a baby crowd pleaser ๐Ÿ™‚ Why Sweet Potatoes are Great forRead More →

Beet Apple Banana Chia Puree +6M Introducing a new food in your baby’s diet can seem tricky as you don’t know his/her reaction. A simple way to do it would be to add the “new” food to trusted and favorite ones so that the introduction will be progressive and smooth.Read More →

The Fuss-Free Toddler Cookbook Announcement Pinch me, it’s still a dream come true!! Yuppy yah yeh…yep, I wrote a cookbook and itโ€™s coming out next month, February 11th!! (but you can pre-order it now on Amazon!) Check it out! The Fuss-Free Toddler Cookbook If you are a bit familiar with BuonaPappa youRead More →

Quinoa Almond Orange Cocoa Balls +6M When I created this recipe my goal was to find a baby friendly sweet treat without refined sugars, easy to digest, nutritious, easy to handle by little ones…and good. I started from a traditional energy ball recipe that I like with chocolate and orangesRead More →