Halle Berry's Reaction To Prince Harry's Poster Of Her In His School Dorm Is So Funny

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Halle Berry's Reaction To Prince Harry's Poster Of Her In His School Dorm Is So Funny

Prince Harry had a huge crush on Halle Berry when he was in prep school. And the actress is definitely amused by that revelation. InStyle magazine published photos of Harrys prep school dorm room on Wednesday, Aug. 29, and they reveal a whole lot about the young royal at the time. He apparently had a thing for the ladies and even had a poster of Berry on his wall. And Halle Berrys reaction to Prince Harrys poster of her is pretty funny.

The photos of Harrys dorm room were taken way back in 2003 when he was likely in his senior year at Eton College, a prep school for the elite. In the photos, you can see bits and pieces of Harrys life as a teen. He dabbled in theatre (like his future wife Meghan Markle), played sports, and clearly had a penchant for posters of scantily clad women.

Berry was among these, though she wasnt quite as scantily clad as some others. Among the batch of photos published, the one that shows Berrys poster in Harrys dorm room probably reveals the most about the young royal.

Not only did he have photos of women he fancied hanging on his wall, but his desk and dresser are full of knicknacks and oddities: a gigantic boombox, random works of art, a large glass bottle of mysterious liquid (you cant see the label), coffee and tea cups, an electric toothbrush, and so much more.

Heres a look at the photo of young Prince Harry at Eton College:

If you look very closely, youll see the photo of Berry right above his head. Hes got her front and center, so clearly he had a bit of a crush on her. So sweet!

Even more sweet (or perhaps bittersweet) is that Harry has a beautiful photo of his mother, Princess Diana, right on his desk.

In any case, Berry saw the newly published image and just had to say something about it. She took to her Twitter account to let the world know shed seen it and that she, more or less, approves of his boyhood crush on her.

Its an interesting photo, to say the least. With Harry and Berry at the very center of the photo, that poster is a hard detail to miss. But the whole things is very cute nonetheless!

Berrys fans thought it was cute, too. This is how some fans have been reacting to Berrys tweet:

All the Halle Berry stuff aside, its interesting to get a glimpse into Harrys life as a teen. Hes such a poised and intelligent man now that its hard for many people to imagine him otherwise! Its nice to know he was just a normal kid, even if he is a royal. Although he didnt end up with the woman of his teenage dreams, he did come pretty close with his wife Meghan. Like Berry, Meghan is an actress and activist at heart. So, there’s definitely some similarities there!

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