How to Enjoy Venice on a Budget When you arrive in Venice, you’ll soon learn that it is very easy to spend money in this city, from museums entrance fees to transportation costs. This city can get pretty expensive; all goods have to be brought in by boat every dayRead More →

Guide to Visiting Casa di Dante in Florence There were no hats that Dante Alighieri couldn’t wear. As a prominent Italian poet, philosopher, thinker, inventor and political intellect, Dante’s masterpieces, including the Divine Comedy, monumentally shaped the Renaissance and modern world of literature. Before his exile, he resided in hisRead More →

How to Spend a Weekend in Florence Florence is a Tuscan city celebrated by its Renaissance architecture and artwork, world-renowned leather, and arguably most important, its gelato. Luckily, the beautiful cobblestone streets overlooking Romanesque and Gothic facades can be observed by foot. However, the difficulty arises in deciding which historicRead More →