What are the Seven Hills of Rome? Looking at Rome today, you can see that it’s surrounded by hills and mountains, but the city itself seems pretty flat. However, it was originally made up of seven separate hill settlements, all of which joined together to make up Rome. These sevenRead More →

Who Fought in the Colosseum? Asking who fought in the Colosseum might seem like a stupid question. Gladiators, of course! But while they were the arena’s most famous participants, they were actually just one of many unfortunate fighters to take on ancient Rome’s bloodiest challenge. So, what else happened atRead More →

Guide to the Raphael Rooms in the Vatican The Vatican Museums house some of the finest Renaissance masterpieces, including the Gallery of Maps and Bramante’s Belvedere Courtyard. Most people come for a glimpse of the world-famous Sistine Chapel, but in doing so, they unknowingly walk right past another equally magnificentRead More →

Guide to the Borghese Gallery Art During the 15th century, Rome saw the rising journey of the Borghese family. Thanks to smart political and economic choices, this dynasty was able to establish its importance in a very short amount of time. In order to underline their power and fame, theRead More →

Guide to Pitti Palace If you’re planning a trip to Florence, you absolutely have to include the magnificent Palazzo Pitti, the astonishing landmark located in the Florentine square of the same name, Piazza Pitti. This palace still preserves its ancient beauty and it can be today considered a melting potRead More →