Saltimbocca alla Romana Saltimbocca alla Romana is a delicious Italian Veal Recipe. Slices of tender meat topped with a slice of prosciutto and a sage leaf cooked in a simple wine sauce. Nothing better! Saltimbocca alla Romana This simple veal dish is one of the most famous Roman dishes inRead More →

Ricotta Castagnole Recipe These fried or baked Italian Ricotta Castagnole are made with ricotta cheese which makes them soft and delicious sweet dough balls. The Italian way to bring in Carnival Time. Ricotta Castagnole It’s Carnavale Time in Italy which means time for Castagnole and Frappe. Both so good youRead More →

Homemade Italian Bread Nothing like fresh bread out of the oven, especially if it’s Homemade Italian Bread. This traditional Italian recipe does take time, but believe me it is worth every second of it. Serve it with your favourite stew or soup or why not grab a slice just because.Read More →

Toffee Caramel No-Bake Cheesecake This decadent No-Bake Cheesecake with an easy Caramel Drizzle and crushed Toffee Chocolate Bars is so creamy and delicious it will be your new favourite dessert! You can’t beat no-bake desserts in my opinion, usually fast and easy from a Fresh Strawberry Mousse to a creamyRead More →

Classic Minestrone Soup Classic Minestrone Soup, an Italian Comfort Soup made with lots of veggies and your favourite small pasta in a simple tomato based broth. Perfectly spiced to make this your new go to soup that everyone will love. Classic Minestrone Soup Imagine this, a cold winter night, aRead More →

Lemon Cupcakes An easy Lemon Cupcake recipe. The perfect soft cupcakes with a lemony taste. Add a creamy whipped cream Lemon Frosting. Lemon lovers will love these! If it’s lemon then it’s got the Italian’s name on it, from this perfect Homemade Lemon Bread to these Easy Lemon Squares! LemonRead More →

Double Cheese Meatballs Two Ways Nothing better than Meatballs unless they are double cheese meatballs. This recipe can be made two ways, the perfect main dish, cooked in a simple tomato sauce or baked and served as an appetizer. You choose. Meatballs are a favourite in our house, from MyRead More →

Cinnamon Applesauce Muffins These simple Applesauce Muffins make the perfect breakfast or snack idea. A fast and easy muffin recipe made with applesauce and cinnamon. Moist and delicious. I love muffins not only because they are fast and easy to make but because they are so good. From a BigRead More →

Italian Sausage & Vegetable Rice Casserole Italian Sausage and Vegetable Rice Casserole, a quick and easy dinner idea. Veggies, Italian Sausage and Parmesan Cheese makes this Casserole the perfect Main Dish. There’s nothing better than a casserole, whether you are serving a Cheesy Broccoli Casserole side dish or a TunaRead More →

Homemade Yogurt Crescent Rolls These Homemade Crescent Rolls are made with orange zest and yogurt. The perfect breakfast or snack recipe for any day of the week. Shaped like a croissant but denser and easier to make, but just as delicious! I  love making breakfast a little bit fancier sometimes,Read More →

Easy Homemade Beer Bread Beer Bread, this delicious, easy to make Homemade bread is made with only 6 ingredients.  Not too sweet, perfect anytime especially warm out of the oven.  It will become a family favourite. There’s nothing like homemade fresh bread, especially if it’s fast and easy and noRead More →

Italian Fried Seafood Italian Fried Seafood, or “Fritto Misto”, an easy mixed seafood, tossed with flour, fried and lightly salted. Serve with some homemade french fries and dinner is served. As far as seafood goes we love it all. A simple Linguine and Seafood or a delicious Italian Fish Soup.Read More →