Egg Free Zucchini Turkey Meatballs +9M Definitely one of our favorite meatballs recipe. Loaded with nutrients and flavor. It’s perfect for picky eaters: the zucchini are very well combined with all the other ingredients. They give that extra moist that balances the turkey meat. The fresh tomato sauce receives allRead More →

Ricotta Strawberry Cake +12M This is a perfect cake for a beginner: easy to prepare, moist and tasty. Strawberries and oranges give a lovely fruity flavor while the ricotta keeps the cake moist. The cake is not over sweet: I added a minimus amount of sugar (you can substitute caneRead More →

Bakery Chocolate Muffins Have you ever tried those indulgent chocolate bakery muffins with that lovely broken crust on top and a super moist heart? With an intense cocoa flavor and those melting pieces of chocolate inside? Well, get ready to bake some! There are gazillions of chocolate muffins recipes online,Read More →

Peach Cardamom Oatmeal +6M GF Oatmeal, such a creamy and nourishing breakfast idea for little one…and not only for breakfast. Naturally gluten free the oatmeal is a very versatile meal. Starting from the oat base you can really add on so many healthy ingredients to change the flavor and increaseRead More →

Quinoa Veggie Burgers #meatless +9M My kids love hamburgers: juicy, meaty, loaded with flavors. I like the homemade version, where I can be sure of the origin of all the ingredients, meat mainly, but I also love to offer the kids meatless options to alternate. The quinoa veggie burgers areRead More →

Sweet Potato Pear Puree +6M A lovely and popular first food for little ones: sweet potatoes! Today combined in a simple and nutritious way with pears and hemp seeds. The final creamy texture and the delicately sweet flavor are a baby crowd pleaser 🙂 Why Sweet Potatoes are Great forRead More →