Almond Christmas Cookies When it comes to Xmas cookies I’m very picky: they have to be buttery, not too sweet, with a delicate background flavor of either vanilla, nutmeg, orange or cinnamon. Decorating them with the kids it’s super fun, but my favorite ones are the plain ones, without anyRead More →

Kid Friendly Christmas Recipes The countdown started, in few days it’s Christmas!!! The kids are sooo excited!! Xmas cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeers are already in the “to do” list 🙂 And with Xmas also comes the planning of the Xmas meal menu’: usually I look forRead More →

Christmas Tree Vegetable Platter With the upcoming holidays it’s always nice to have a fun, light and healthy recipe to add to the menu’ 🙂 Veggie platters are such a convenient idea to display while you are cooking: when the kids are hungry (exactly when you are cooking and youRead More →

9 Vegetables Marinara Sauce The classic marinara sauce (fresh tomatoes + onion + garlic + olive oil + salt) is definitely one of my kids’ favorite: to dress some pasta or rice or quinoa or to give extra moist to meatballs or fish croquette. The perfect base for an homemadeRead More →

Thanksgiving Kid Friendly Recipe Ideas I feel that Thanksgiving is the Holiday that really brings together all americans, it doesn’t matter the race, religion or country of origin. It’s definitely a family holiday, but also includes friends and any loved ones. The first year I moved to Los Angeles, meRead More →