When can my baby eat honey? Honey is definitely one of the best natural food ever. It’s 100% organic, has tons of health benefits, an unbeatable heavenly flavor and it’s not extremely expensive or difficult to find. Still…the 1# rule you will receive from your pediatrician is “not to feedRead More →

Lentil Broccoli Soup Recipe +10M Nourishing and comforting, that’s why I like this soup 🙂 High iron, protein and fiber content. It’s one of my kids favorite so far. Little one like it very creamy (the immersion blender does its part) and big one more chunky. I like it eitherRead More →

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese +10M Raise your hand if your kids love Mac and Cheese 🙂 I know, Mac and Cheese is the most popular kids comfort food ever. Soft, cheesy, bite size, creamy, one bright color only: all reassuring and comforting qualities for a kid. So…why not transforming theRead More →