Cauliflower Mac and Cheese +10M Raise your hand if your kids love Mac and Cheese 🙂 I know, Mac and Cheese is the most popular kids comfort food ever. Soft, cheesy, bite size, creamy, one bright color only: all reassuring and comforting qualities for a kid. So…why not transforming theRead More →

Blueberry Chickpea Vegan Muffins +9M A sweet treat here and there is nice 🙂 Our little ones deserve it too!! This is an almost allergy free recipe (no eggs, no gluten, no dairy, no nuts) that you can safely offer to your little ones satisfying their sweet palate without theRead More →

Zucchini Beef Lasagna +12M Lasagna. Such a great recipe for family reunions, get together or to celebrate something. Like many family recipes, lasagna can be prepared in so many different ways. I would say without any problem that every family in Italy has its own lasagna recipe. Today I wouldRead More →

Quinoa Kiwi Pear Carrot Baby Puree +6M Have you ever used quinoa in your baby food? It’s a great ingredient loaded with nutrients being a good source of protein, fiber, iron, copper, thiamin and vitamin B6 and it’s naturally gluten free as it’s a seed and not a grain. I usuallyRead More →

Green Grissini Bread with Spinach I don’t count the number of times I gave a “grissino” to my kids as a snack or even as a teething distraction when they were toddlers 🙂 Grissini are Italian breadsticks: long, crunchy, pencil-sized breadsticks. Such a simple recipe: water + flour + oil + pinchRead More →