Halloween Lunchbox ideas If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that I really enjoy preparing my kids’ lunch boxes 🙂 Through the years and with two picky eaters I learned that color + fun is a winning combo to grab your kid’s attention at school at lunchRead More →

Homemade Cream Cheese Cream cheese is a very easy way to introduce dairy in your baby’s diet: smooth texture, delicate flavor, it works both with sweet and savory recipes. It can easily be mixed with fresh fruit or veggies, making them more appealing for the kids 🙂 In many countriesRead More →

Banana Chia Seeds Pudding +12M Are you looking for an easy breakfast idea for your kids? What about a banana chia seeds pudding without refined sugars? In one teaspoon you will have protein + Omega3 fatty acids + carbs + fiber. All excellent to start the day with good energy.Read More →

Can I give Exotic Fruit to my baby? Can I give exotic fruit to my little one? Very interesting question. My usual recommendation is to offer to your baby local + seasonal + organic (whenever possible) fruit and vegetables. That’s the best choice for your baby and for the restRead More →