Lievito Madre Focaccia This Lievito Madre Focaccia is the perfect recipe to start using your new starter dough. The perfect accompaniment to any meal or top with your favourite cold cuts for a delicious sandwich idea! So once my Lievito Madre was ready for use, I removed 90 grams forRead More →

Sour Cream Banana Bread The Covid 19 Pandemic has had many folks in their kitchens baking up a storm, trying to keep busy, especially while we were locked down. Browsing the internet, it seemed everyone was into sourdough starters, baking loaves of sourdough bread, and making banana bread. I canRead More →

Butter Tart Pie Butter Tarts, the famous Canadian dessert is now served in Pie Size. Butter Tart Pie, made with a delicious flaky pie crust and that amazing sweet raisin filling. Nothing like it! The first time I made this dessert was for a friend’s birthday a few years ago. InRead More →

Sweet And Sour Roasted Beets And Onions Beets are a vegetable that folks seem to either love or hate. When roasted, the natural sugars of any vegetable are enhanced and beets in particular become lightly sweet in flavor. My husband and I both love beets and we eat a lotRead More →

Morzello (Morzeddhu alla Catanzarisi) What is morzello? Morzello is the symbolic dish of the city of Catanzaro and is made with veal, consisting of cuts such as the heart, spleen, liver, intestine, tripe, and stomach. The other ingredients are water, tomato paste, tomato sauce, hot pepper, salt, bay leaf, andRead More →