In February this year, retail sales in Italy increased by 0.4% in value and by 0.9% in volume compared to the previous month of 2018. This is what latest Istat data show. Sales of food products are slightly better (+0.4% in value and +1.2% in volume) than those of non-foodRead More →

Settesoli Bio is a new line of wines, which is the result of an accurate selection of grapes cultivated and vinified according to organic farming methods. The Sicilian territory is particularly suited for organic viticulture thanks to favorable micro-climatic conditions. Settesoli Bio wine is also vegan: no animal-derived substances areRead More →

Where does all the rice affecting the European market come from? Even though India and Pakistan are big producers, they cannot be considered as our competitors given the fact that they export basmati rice, which is a typical product of their territory that cannot be cultivated in Europe. Thailand, onRead More →

The Saizeriya chain keeps expanding its network in Japan, leveraging a low-cost formula that attracts different targets. A homely style and atmosphere, constantly reasonable prices and a wide range of dishes for all occasions, many of which are directly inspired by the most traditional Italian recipes. These are the hallmarksRead More →

Amazon, cyber-bullismo a danno sia dei consumatori, sia dei fornitori. Great Italian Food Trade si rivolge ancora all’Antitrust per il ripristino della legalità nei servizi di compravendita dei prodotti alimentari tramite ecommerce da parte del colosso americano. Amazon, informazioni occultate Great Italian Food Trade ha già segnalato all’Autorità Garante per la Concorrenza e il Mercato (Antitrust) numerosi casi di informazioni occultate.Read More →

I have always loved vegetables of every size, shape and description, but I have never really used kale very often in my cooking until recently. Being French Canadian by birth, I do not think kale ever made it into our refrigerator while I was growing up, and at that timeRead More →

D.lgs. 231/17, attuazione e integrazione del reg. UE 1169/11, regime sanzionatorio, abrogazioni. Tutto chiaro in apparenza, fatte salve le abrogazioni incerte. In ordine alle quali, una recente nota del Mi.S.E. sembra quasi contraddire il disposto legislativo. Alcune considerazioni in merito. Decreto legislativo 231/17, contenuto Il decreto legislativo 231/17 – Disciplina sanzionatoriaRead More →

Dolcificanti zero calorie, effetto paradosso. Possono fare ingrassare più dello zucchero Chi sceglie i dolcificanti privi di calorie per tenere a bada il peso corporeo potrebbe incappare nell’effetto contrario, e ingrassare. È quanto emerge da alcune ricerche scientifiche in merito agli effetti degli edulcoranti acalorici sul controllo del peso. DubbiRead More →

I am presently in Michigan at my daughter’s house, and despite it being April, we have had freezing temperatures and enough snow to cover the ground every day over the past two weeks. Cooler weather requires hearty, comforting dishes, and there isn’t another dish that fits into this category betterRead More →