Zoonosi in Europa, rapporto di EFSA e ECDC Il rapporto sulle zoonosi in Unione Europea nel 2018 – a cura dell’Autorità europea per la sicurezza alimentare (European Food Safety Authority, EFSA) e del Centro europeo per la prevenzione e controllo delle malattie (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, ECDC) – è statoRead More →

Double Cheese Meatballs Two Ways Nothing better than Meatballs unless they are double cheese meatballs. This recipe can be made two ways, the perfect main dish, cooked in a simple tomato sauce or baked and served as an appetizer. You choose. Meatballs are a favourite in our house, from MyRead More →

Allevamento di conigli, parere EFSA e crisi di settore L’allevamento dei conigli da carne deve cambiare. Le gabbie più diffuse sono troppo piccole e provocano sofferenze all’animale. È dunque necessario migliorarle e ampliarne la dimensione. Così conclude l’Autorità europea per la sicurezza alimentare (EFSA). Infliggendo un duro colpo a unRead More →

Chcolate Pumpkin Muffins We have just taken down all of our Christmas decorations and cleaned our house from top to bottom to start the New Year off fresh. When I was growing up, my mother always encouraged me to start the New Year with an organized room to set theRead More →

Camerun. Olio di palma, rapina delle terre e deforestazioni. #Buycott! In Camerun – come in vari altri Paesi a latitudine tropicale, dal Sud Est asiatico al Centro e Sud America, passando per l’Africa Centrale (1) – i palmocrati proseguono la rapina delle terre e le deforestazioni. Le inchieste di The Oakland Institute, Greenpeace, ReAct. #Buycott! Il vero costoRead More →

Beet Apple Banana Chia Puree +6M Introducing a new food in your baby’s diet can seem tricky as you don’t know his/her reaction. A simple way to do it would be to add the “new” food to trusted and favorite ones so that the introduction will be progressive and smooth.Read More →

Top 2019 Recipes We have now started a brand new year and I am looking forward to creating many new recipes. I am not usually one to look back, but it is always fun to review my recipes from the previous year to see just what recipes were the mostRead More →